Backyard bonfires in style

Spring cleaning activities give birth to innovative ideas for summer folly and entertainment. While some make plans to go to the beach, others turn their eyes toward their private backyards in hopes of creating a special event for friends and loved ones.

The reasons for backyard-inspired partying are many, but the chief motivator is simple enough.

People want to enjoy the great outdoors far from the madding crowd.

Your "it” spot summer abode

Outside the initial cost investment of renovating your backyard, entertaining at home becomes a low-cost alternative to eating out or seeking diversion elsewhere. The trick here, of course, is creating a gorgeous hangout that your buddies refer to as the “it” spot they want to visit. One of the best ways to christen such a space is with a fun and captivating bonfire in a safe, modern alcove.

Setting the mood

Once you set your mind to creating the perfect outdoor hangout space, your next step is to find an eye-catching centerpiece to become the focus of your backyard bonfire experience. Below are a few old staples in contemporary styles and motifs. These items will accentuate your garden spot and make your bonfire a memorable, spectacular event.

Beautiful modern chimineas

Traditionally, chimineas are made from fired clay, but modern versions can be made from steel or cast iron. Often accented in decorative flourishes, they make an eye-catching garden centerpiece. With a wide variety of lovely wood-burning outdoor furnaces to pick from, you’re bound to have a memorable bonfire experience with your friends.

Outdoor fireplaces

Just like a chiminea, the best outdoor fireplaces are smokeless and come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. Bear in mind that if you’re using wood, the bonfire setup will not be completely smokeless. Besides, while you do not want a roaring blaze, no backyard bonfire would be complete without a wee bit of smoke, right? Outdoor fireplaces come in stainless steel and may have an accompanying ash pan for easy cleanup.

Stone and brick fire pits

You can hire someone to create an elaborate stone fire pit, or you can buy a brick or stone fire pit project kit yourself. Make the pit as small or as large as you want in a circular, rectangular, oval or square shape. A nearby pond encased in the same brick or stone used to create the pit adds a nice flourish. Make sure whatever you create is easily accessible and secure enough to protect any young children or disabled guests you invite to the bonfire.

Fire pit table

A nice alternative to the ground-installed fire pit, you won’t have to hire anyone for an installation with a fire pit table. You can buy propane and natural gas fire pit tables, but the wood-burning models can be a truly organic experience. Once you locate the table model of your choice, make the fire pit table the centerpiece of your backyard landscape.

Campfire theme

Now that you have a general idea of the landscape and layout of your backyard bonfire, it’s time to plan your event. A campfire theme is a perfect starter as it can create a nostalgic return to the days of your youth. It’ll also enable those who have never gone camping to have a unique experience.

Some things you may want to snag to create your authentic, idyllic campfire are:

  • Buy some hot dogs and marshmallows with roasting skewers.

  • Add chocolate and graham crackers to make s’mores.

  • Create ambiance with nature sounds.

  • Boo! Don’t forget the scary stories!

If this is an adult crowd, adding wine or beers to the list will accent the fun. Of course, the family-friendly alternative is hot cocoa or soda for the young ones.

The wonderful thing about establishing a nice backyard bonfire setup is that you can revisit the concept repeatedly. It provides the perfect outdoor entertainment space for hosting a get-together for family and friends.

Create a safe haven

Remember, safety first. Do what you can to prevent injury and ensure burning clean, nonprocessed wood. With a few precautions, you can keep attendees safe and lower the risk to your home or garden.

You also don’t want the smoke or noise to create a public nuisance. Check with the city to see what kind of burning is permitted.

Observing a few simple rules lets you rest assured that everyone will have a wonderful time during your summertime bonfire extravaganza.

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